Philosophy: the music that made me vol 3: I’m a hustla baby

Back in the day, the Neptunes were HOT, add a little Jay z and you’ve got one of the most awesome songs of the early 2000’s. And who didn’t love Snoop? I’ve always… Continue reading

Philosophy: the music that made me; vol 2: Girl Power

Well the 90’s were all about girl power…the term was first used by Bikini Kill but didn’t enter the mainstream untill the mid 90’s , when the Spice Girls made it popular. Remember: this was… Continue reading

Philosophy: the music that made me vol 1: confusing 90’s songs

Growing up in the 90’s was a bit confusing…great music, but what on earth were they talking about? I knew the words to all my favorite songs but they just didn’t make any… Continue reading

Food: gluten free and approved by me: cookbooks

I love a good cookbook and by that I mean a cookbook that is nicely written, has a beautiful layout, gorgeous pictures and do-able recipes. A good gluten free cookbook is hard to… Continue reading

Philosophy: Girl crushes

Well.. this post was inspired by the following video…   Diana Moldovan Jade Willoughby Suki Waterhouse Astrid Berges Frisbey Marga Esquivel   Claire Marshall Sui He Emily Blunt Liu Wen Joan Smalls Josephine… Continue reading

PHILOSOPHY: Disney and the wounded child

Years ago I started collecting old Snoecks‘ ( just because I love the articles and it’s nice to see the old adds. When I was going through the Snoecks of 1986, my birth year,… Continue reading

PHILOSOPHY: food for thought

José Ortega Y Gasset once wrote ‘ the mass crushes beneath it everything that is different, everything that is excellent, individual, qualified and select’. The ‘mass’ is all that which sets no value… Continue reading