FACE: Oil Pulling 101

  Now if you’ve never heard of this before, it might sound really strange but believe me: it’s not some hippie, hobo bullshit. What you need: – 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut… Continue reading

PHILOSOPHY: Fitspiration

Reading material:   Work out at home:         Stay fit! Truly yours, Tina  

Food: 10 benefits of turmeric + how to make turmeric tea

I read somewhere that if you want to attract readers, a good way to do so is to suggest a list of things in your title. Apparently people like list. Another tip was… Continue reading

FOOD: No tomato Paleo Pasta

    Me doing recipes is probably the worst idea ever. I cook by intuition, never measure stuff…so be prepared for some weird cooking instructions.   Today I’ll be sharing my ‘no tomato… Continue reading

Why it actually makes sense to talk to God. ( bear in mind that I’m agnostic) by Kim V.

Originally posted on Rearviewmirror:
I was venting my frustration about work and co-workers to one of my friends when all the sudden I said something along the lines of I guess it’s just…

PHILOSOPHY: Poems and reflections ‘The system’

Knot in the stomach, sleep – but not enough- in the eyes, turmoil in your head: 20 minutes before the alarm goes off you find yourself awakening to this agony. Well, not ‘awakening’,… Continue reading

FACE: 10 bathroom essentials

What do apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and toilet paper have in common one might ask (although I doubt anyone would ever really ask that)? Well, in my opinion they are all… Continue reading

Going Gluten- Free: my (really short) story

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2 years back I started falling sick constantly, even when I wasn’t really sick I wasn’t quite OK, my energy levels were really low, I was fatigued, either had…

Breakfast on a gluten- lactose free diet?

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Since I’m on a gluten and lactose free diet breakfast has definitely become my most challenging meal of the day. Growing up on bread, croissants and cereal I had…

FACE: on coconuts and spf

Lately, with my upcoming tropical trip in mind, I’m going a little coconut crazy. I spend my days thinking ’bout sipping coconut water out of a fresh coconut when sitting in the sand,… Continue reading