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FOOD: the perfect lemon-aid

This lemonade isn’t exactly lemonade, it contains no lemon, we’ll use lime instead and the sugar is replaced by honey. To get the most out of our drink, we’ll also be adding some… Continue reading

FOOD: Is your tea toxic? + some non-toxic options

  We drink it to wake up, we drink it to relax. We drink it with company or alone. We drink it in the morning and at night and often times during the… Continue reading

FOOD: 10 Egg- & Nut-Free Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Feeling a little uninspired about your breakfast lately? Here are some great egg- and nut-free options to start off your day: 1) Coconut Milk Yoghurt 2) Paleo Pancakes  3) Paleo Granola 4) Faux-t-meal … Continue reading

FOOD: The autoimmune protocol 101

  Autoimmune disease is caused by the immune system losing the ability to differentiate proteins belonging to your own body with proteins belonging to a foreign invader (like a bacteria, virus or parasite).… Continue reading

FOOD: Paleo Sweet Potato Burgers

  Nothing beats a good burger! On a paleo diet the most obvious way to eat a burger is either bunless or using portobello mushrooms as a replacement for the buns. Going bunless… Continue reading

FOOD & PHILOSOPHY: sleep like a pro / 10 natural ways to get better sleep

Have trouble dozing of at night? These easy, safe and all natural tricks will get you to dreamland in no time   1) Drink tart cherry juice. It’s full of Tryptophan, an amino… Continue reading

FOOD: 10 nut free Paleo plane foods + 5 Paleo plane foods that contain nuts

    Travelling paleo can be a hassle, especially if you’re on a plane aka stuck in a non paleo environment, with no one to count on but yourself (yes, I might be making… Continue reading

Food: 10 benefits of turmeric + how to make turmeric tea

I read somewhere that if you want to attract readers, a good way to do so is to suggest a list of things in your title. Apparently people like list. Another tip was… Continue reading

FOOD: No tomato Paleo Pasta

    Me doing recipes is probably the worst idea ever. I cook by intuition, never measure stuff…so be prepared for some weird cooking instructions.   Today I’ll be sharing my ‘no tomato… Continue reading

Going Gluten- Free: my (really short) story

Originally posted on Rearviewmirror:
2 years back I started falling sick constantly, even when I wasn’t really sick I wasn’t quite OK, my energy levels were really low, I was fatigued, either had…