Fashion: The revival of the logo-T?

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Calvin Klein is bringing back a limited edition of some of it’s most iconic pieces in collaboration with Sweatshirts, overalls… and you guessed it the logo-T.

But there’s more to it, 22 years after helping to jumpstart Kate Moss’s career with the original campaign they hired Lottie Moss, Kate’s 16 year old sister, to be the face of their new campaign. Could they make it any more nostalgic? Turns out they can: photographer? Michael Avedon, grandson of the legendary Richard Avedon.



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Yes, I’m pretty sure they’ve hit the bullseye with this one! Besides the fact that 90’s fashion has been making its way back into our closet since quite some time now ( think hipsters and normcore). You’ve got a generation which grew up idolizing Kate one hand and a much younger generation, which already propelled Lottie as their style icon after her debut in Teen Vogue, on the other. I might not be 100% percent sold on the logo-t, but lets face it this is marketing at it’s finest!





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