FASHION: 10 reasons to love normcore

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Individuality was once the path to personal freedom — a way to lead life on your own terms. But the terms keep getting more and more specific, making us more and more isolated. Normcore seeks the freedom that comes with non-exclusivity. It finds liberation in being nothing special, and realizes that adaptability leads to belonging. Normcore is a path to a more peaceful life. (k-hole)

…a more peaceful and more comfortable life I’d say! Forget about those high heeled shoes that kill your feet and those tight ass jeans that make you feel like a sausage. Forget about trying to find something cool and different before everyone else finds it and it no longer is cool or different (that shit is exhausting). Done already with the oxymoron of being a hipster. If being a hipster equals being alternative, indie, non-mainstream but millions (/billions?) of people are trying to be a hipster then doesn’t that automatically make them non-hipsters and is it therefor not impossible to be a hipster? think about it. Actually, don’t think about it, it’s no longer a concern, we’ve got normcore now and it’s awesome (or just okay, cuz normcore doesn’t feel the need to be awesome).

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why:

1) Normcore just gave new life to those old Fruit Of The Loom tshirt you’ve got laying around in your attic or basement, so instead of spending a bunch of cash on clothes to take part in the latest hype you can just shop your own closet and spend your money on food.

2) You get to look like Jerry Seinfeld

3) you can wear comfortable sneakers all day and those not so cool sneakers you got laying in the back of your closet can be put to purpose again.

4) Birkenstocks are back in style , so yay for ugly sandals! The coolest thing is: you don’t even have to spend lots of cash because all the stores are making cheap lookalikes that provide (almost) the same level of comfort.

5) comfort, comfort , comfort…need I say more?

6) it’s a time saver! You no longer have to spend half an hour figuring out what to wear, it’s simple: you just grab a pair of old comfortable jeans, a tshirt or sweatshirt, some comfy sneakers and you’re out the door. That’s all there is to it!

7) As mentioned before: this trend can save you a lot of money

8) ‘she’s wearing basic old tshirts and ugly ass sandals now?’… you’ll definitely be confusing people, they’ll either think you’re not as superficial as they initially though you are or they’ll think you’re going through some sort of depression (so be sure your face looks fresh and clean while doing this).

9) you’ll annoy the shit out of all the hipsters because ‘hey, move over bitches, there’s a new kid in town!’

10) the saying ‘beauty is pain’ is no longer true: no more sore feet, no more struggling to get in your pants, just no more of that.


Have a nice day!

Truly yours,



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