FOOD: 10 nut free Paleo plane foods + 5 Paleo plane foods that contain nuts


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Travelling paleo can be a hassle, especially if you’re on a plane aka stuck in a non paleo environment, with no one to count on but yourself (yes, I might be making it sound just a little more dramatic than it actually is). The closest thing to paleo you can get is the gluten free meal they offer, which I tend to ask for (hoping I can get something edible out of it). My next vacation includes a 23 hour plane trip so I’m trying to prepare myself for survival.

Because certain foods are prohibited and some TSA agents are assholes (and will even try and make you throw out food that is allowed) here a link to an article about what is and isn’t allowed on a plane.

Here the list of the 10 things I bring (I’m not including nuts or seeds because of my allergies)

1) Hard boiled eggs or an omelet: you can even make it a fancy omelet with vegetables and all

2) Canned fish won’t work because there is liquid in it so I suggest you go for a pack of smoked fish instead. I know some people will say this isn’t strictly paleo but I’m not promoting a strict paleo  lifestyle, I’m promoting a lifestyle for people who suffer food allergies and other health problems.

3) Olives to snack on (be careful not to take canned olives, take them out of the can and put them in a container)

4) a bag of cut up vegetables (think carrots, cauliflower etc)

5) because ‘dips’ aren’t allowed I advice you to pack an avocado and just squash it on the plane, to serve as a dip for your vegetables

6) cut up pieces of fruit: apples, mango, pineapple, whatever you like

7) a bar of dark chocolate

8) pre baked bacon, you could eat it with your vegetables and avocado and you’ve got yourself a meal!

9) homemade chips: sweet potato chips, turnip chips, parsnip chips,…

10) dried fruit: dried cinnamon apples, dried mango, raisins (I’d go for the ones coated in dark chocolate)


If you don’t suffer any nut allergies I suggest you also take the following:

1) home made bread

2) paleo bars

3) almond coconut bites

4)  energy bites

5) a bag of nuts


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bon appétit and have a safe flight!

Yours truly,


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