FOOD: No tomato Paleo Pasta

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Me doing recipes is probably the worst idea ever. I cook by intuition, never measure stuff…so be prepared for some weird cooking instructions.


Today I’ll be sharing my ‘no tomato paleo pasta’ with you. Why no tomato? I suffer hiatus hernia, causing acid reflux (often resulting in throat infections). So on top of eating paleo I also try to avoid foods that could upset my stomach, such as tomatoes.




So here we go:

1) what you need

– a bunch of roughly chopped carrots, lets say half a kilo aka a little over 1 pound (this is no exact science so don’t sweat it)

– half a kilo to 1 kilo or 1 to 2 pounds of ground meat. You can pick whatever meat you prefer, I prefer ground pork. If 1 to 2 pounds sounds vague, just ask yourself: do I like a lot of meat in my pasta? If so make it 2 pounds rather than 1

– 1 zucchini : rasped into spaghetti strings (you could use this tool)

– about half a kilo or 1 pound of mushrooms, cut them into 4 parts

– some fresh basil or if not at hand some dried basil

– some fresh oregano or again dried if fresh oregano isn’t available to you

– paprika powder

– salt (himalayan, sea salt, whatever you prefer)

– a fair amount of ghee, let’s say 50 grams or 0,11 pounds

2) What you do

– heat up a pan and put in the ghee

– throw in the carrots and mushrooms (are you using dried herbs, you can already put them in, with fresh herbs I recommend to wait until you’ve added the meat)

– put on the lid and let it simmer for a while, until the carrots are somewhat soft

– put in the meat and the (rest of the) herbs , stir it a little, mix things up

– put the lid back on for some more simmering

– when the meat looks cooked add in the rasped zucchini and stir it up

– let it simmer for a while without the lid if you feel like there’s a lot of fluid, if not put on the lid and let it simmer for another 5 to 10 minutes or so

– take a bowl or a plate

– take a large spoon or other scooping device and put some of the pasta on the plate or in the bowl

– eat it


Have a nice meal!

truly yours,





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