Why it actually makes sense to talk to God. ( bear in mind that I’m agnostic) by Kim V.


I was venting my frustration about work and co-workers to one of my friends when all the sudden I said something along the lines of

I guess it’s just His way of saying I should find another job- while pointing at the sky –

Everyone knows that if you are going to refer to God the least you have to do is look up, as if you’re looking at Him if only for a nano-second. I however prefer to take it all the way, make a big gesture out of it, finger straight to the sky accompanied by an acknowledging nod / wink combination ( like the finger pointing isn’t enough of acknowledgement).while my mind is going ‘ you’re the man’.

My friend rolled her eyes at me and uttered

Since when do you believe in God’.

I predicted she would do this. I don’t believe in God, well..I’m undecided…

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