Going Gluten- Free: my (really short) story


2 years back I started falling sick constantly, even when I wasn’t really sick I wasn’t quite OK, my energy levels were really low, I was fatigued, either had diarrhea or congestion,.. etc. One night I woke up with severe pain in my abdominal area, when after an hour the pain still wasn’t gone I decide to have someone drive me to the hospital ( I was in that much pain that I thought it wouldn’t be wise to drive there myself) .

At the hospital they ran some blood work and did an echography to exclude appendicitis and pregnancy. The results from my blood tests pointed out that I had severe deficiency in iron which could point to a malfunctioning in the intestines . They booked me an appointment for a colonoscopy and had me come to the hospital every week ( 8 weeks in a row) for iron…

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