Breakfast on a gluten- lactose free diet?


Since I’m on a gluten and lactose free diet breakfast has definitely become my most challenging meal of the day. Growing up on bread, croissants and cereal I had to change my whole mindset about food. And while cereal and bread is readily available and easy to prepare a lot of the gluten free alternative are not.

I’ve tried the readily available gluten free bread and toast (which tastes like cardboard in a plastic bag) , eggs and bacon ( too heavy on the stomach), mug- muffins ( meh) , homemade breakfast bars, cakes and pies, gluten free pancakes, ( all of which require you to be a part time cook after your regular working hours) ,  I even went through a phase where I used to reheat my evening dinner ( it just confuses you because it simply does not feel like breakfast), etc.

I don’t mind getting my…

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