Philosophy: the music that made me vol 3: I’m a hustla baby

Back in the day, the Neptunes were HOT, add a little Jay z and you’ve got one of the most awesome songs of the early 2000’s.

And who didn’t love Snoop?

I’ve always been a Biggie fan, still love it when I hear Biggie say ‘believe me sweety, I’ve got enough to feed the needy’.

Along with a lot of other things, the Wu Tang Clan taught me that Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Cream baby!

A nice one hit wonder is Luniz…it’s not just a hit, it’s THE hit

Another thing I grew up with: sexually explicit rap songs, think Monifah, Sisqo and Lil Kim

and ofcourse, if you think 90’s you think ‘No diggity, no doubt’

Or you might be thinkin….

Kind Regards,