Philosophy: the music that made me vol 1: confusing 90’s songs

Growing up in the 90’s was a bit confusing…great music, but what on earth were they talking about? I knew the words to all my favorite songs but they just didn’t make any sense. Could someone please explain to me what Genuwine is doing to that poor little horse of his?

Another song I LOVED as a kid is Tori Amos‘ Professional Widow..but what is her daddy selling babies for? actually…the whole song was confusing…what needs to be big? I get a little uncomfortable thinking ’bout all the times I was loudly singing (and moaning) along with this song in front of my parents.

And please Brandy, Monica tell me…who’s boy is it now?

What might have been the most confusing song of all is Barbie Girl by Aqua…especially the video: Barbie is a brunette?