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I love a good cookbook and by that I mean a cookbook that is nicely written, has a beautiful layout, gorgeous pictures and do-able recipes. A good gluten free cookbook is hard to come by, a lot of the gluten free books are plain, boring and ugly…There are however some true gems out there:

When it comes to layout and pictures this book is right up there with the nigella lawson, jamie oliver, gordon ramsay,…style cookbooks: just beautifull! When it comes to the writing  it’s very informative, easy to read and personal when it comes to the recipes it’s all you need to make a decent everyday meal. A lot of people love it, a lot of people hate it. Those who hate it mostly hate it because of two reasons: 1) Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a celebrity and celebrity writers tend to get a lot of hate 2) There’s a chapter where she talks about how a gluten free diet will keep you slim. Now first of all there are some gluten free people out there who are overweight and for some people changing to a gluten free diet will make them gain weight.  When starting a gluten free diet your bowel system will finally start working decently, for some people this means they will absorb a lot more nutrients than they’re used to which might cause a weight increase. Personally I lost weight when starting my gluten free diet, the first month I lost about 5 kilo after a couple of weeks I started to gain a little again but overall I think I lost 3 kilo. The second reason why a lot of people are upset about Elisabeth telling people a gluten free diet will keep you slim is because for some people it might come across as if she’s talking about a new wonder diet to make you lose weight. A gluten free diet however isn’t some new hype, it’s not some crazy ‘lets lose a lot of weight’ kind of diet. For a lot of people it’s a necessary way of live, people could get seriously ill when not following this diet. So a lot of people will worry that a bookchapter dedicated to talking about how this diet will make you stay slim might cause people to not take it seriously. You don’t hear people talking about how a diabetic’s diet will make you lose weight, do you? Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is not something to be taken lightly, the symptoms are very severe. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease can cause serious physical and mental problems: bowel problems, headaches, rashes, depression, symptoms of add/adhd, problems with your nervous system and so on.  A gluten/diary and sugar free diet has also proven to battle symptoms of multiple scleroses and autism. So I see why people would feel a little offended when reading this chapter but I do feel that Elisabeth means well. She herself suffers from celiac disease and knows how serious this disease is. I honestly think she writes about the benefits for your weight because she want’s to encourage more people to try the diet and see what it does for them. A lot of people have a slight to heavy intolerance for gluten and don’t even know it. By encouraging them to try the diet she might make a lot of people realise (after trying it for a few weeks) that their health issues are starting to dissapear. So I personally think her book is a great, even though I can relate to the critics as well.

Elena Amsterdam‘s book is a very unique book because all her recipes use almond flour and most of these recipes are very simple, easy and fast to make. I love this book because you don’t need a lot of time and skill to pull these recipes off. For most gluten free bake recipes out there you need a lot of ingredients: buckwheatflower, cornflower, baking soda, riceflower,…Especially for a beginner this is very overwhelming and I understand how a lot of people would give it up before trying. Elena’s recipes however are very simple and easy. Some people don’t like it (mostly people who love to bake and often people who aren’t gluten intolerant). If you’re a true baker and you love to spend your sundays in the kitchen these recipes might feel too easy, too quick and too simple and you might think ‘if she would’ve added this and done that’ it might taste better. And that might be true but if you are a celiac or gluten intolerant and you have to make gluten free dishes and snacks every single day (not just on sundays) you don’t want to spend 3 hours every day slaving in your kitchen, you want something: good, quick, simple and easy. So I absolutly hate it when people moan about this book being too simple and the baking techniques being too average. This book is obviously geared towards everyday people who have to live on a gluten free diet. For those people this book is a lifesaver, if you’re a baker you should choose a book that’s geared towards advanced bakers and stop moaning! I would also recommend everyone to visit Elena Amsterdam’s wonderful blog : two other books I wanted to mentioned (but I won’t go into detail about them)

Have a nice meal!

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