Last week I took a little vacation…destination?

Here’s a few things I love about the place

NOGLU: gluten free foodlover’s heaven!
16 passage des Panoramas- 75002 Paris

CITYPHARMA: the best pharmacy ever
26 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris


RUE TIQUETONNE: our apartment was situated in this lovely little road, it was the perfect place to stay!



PICNIC IN THE TUILERIES with gluten free bread and some charcuterie.




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Philosophy: the music that made me vol 3: I’m a hustla baby

Back in the day, the Neptunes were HOT, add a little Jay z and you’ve got one of the most awesome songs of the early 2000′s.

And who didn’t love Snoop?

I’ve always been a Biggie fan, still love it when I hear Biggie say ‘believe me sweety, I’ve got enough to feed the needy’.

Along with a lot of other things, the Wu Tang Clan taught me that Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Cream baby!

A nice one hit wonder is Luniz…it’s not just a hit, it’s THE hit

Another thing I grew up with: sexually explicit rap songs, think Monifah, Sisqo and Lil Kim

and ofcourse, if you think 90′s you think ‘No diggity, no doubt’

Or you might be thinkin….

Kind Regards,


Philosophy: the music that made me; vol 2: Girl Power

Well the 90′s were all about girl power…the term was first used by Bikini Kill but didn’t enter the mainstream untill the mid 90′s , when the Spice Girls made it popular. Remember: this was also the time when Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena the Warrior Princess were one of the most viewed TV series. I Personally wasn’t really a fan of the typical girl bands, I made an exception for Destiny’s Child, TLC, En Vogue and Salt N Pepa…but I don’t consider them to be typical girl bands…

Anyways, angry and confident women all over the place (well often not as confident as angry but hey…) was lovely! I remember the first CD I ever bought: Women of the 90′s: ready to go…this CD says it all! let’s see what was on there

1.Natalie Imbruglia – Torn (4:07) -> one of the most popular 90′s haicuts?

2.Anouk – Nobody’s Wife (3:28)

3.Texas – Say What You Want (3:55) -> this texas song wasn’t really a favorite of mine, but how good is blacked eyed boy?

4.Amanda Marshall – Beautiful Goodbye (4:45) -> knew and probably still know this song by heart, one of my favorite 90s songs!

5.Skunk Anansie – Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good) (3:27) -> I was really into skunk anansie as a kid

6.Republica – Ready to Go (4:11)

7.Garbage – Only Happen When It Rains (3:58) -> loved Garbage

8.Letters To Cleo – Co-pilot (3:43)

9.Meredith Brooks – Bitch (4:01) -> not too keen on this one

10.Sarah McLachlanBuilding a Mystery (4:08) ->loved singing along with this song

11.Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories – Stay (I Missed You) (3:04)

12.Joan Osborne – One of Us (4:18) -> hated this one

13.Alannah Myles – Black Velvet (4:50) -> how good is this song! …Every word of every song that he sang was for you…In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon, what could you do?

14.Leah Andreone – It’s Allright It’s Ok (4:26)

15.4 Non Blondes – What’s Up (4:58)

16.k’s Choice – Not an Addict (4:51) -> a popular song at the time but…meh..k’s choice was never my thing

17.Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother (3:04) -> awesome song!

18.Bell Book en Candle – Rescue Me (3:26) -> again, awesome!

19.Tori Amos – Professional Widow (2:19) -> save the best for last? well no, there’s a lot of great songs on this CD, I wouldn’t be able to choose,but this one is one of the best

on the RnB/hiphop/rap-ish end of the spectrum there was: Kelis ( who got really popular after the caught out there song),  Mariah, Toni Braxton, Whitney houston (The phone rings..then you look at me…why’d  you turn and look at me…You said it was one  of your friends….from over on  54th street…so why did 213  show up on your caller  ID?..), Lil Kim, Neneh Cherry (No moneyman can win my lu-uhuv, It’s sweetness that I’m thinking of….We always hang in a Buffalo Stance…We do the dive every time we dance),..and the list goes on…the 90′s were pretty awesome!


Kind Regards,



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Philosophy: the music that made me vol 1: confusing 90′s songs

Growing up in the 90′s was a bit confusing…great music, but what on earth were they talking about? I knew the words to all my favorite songs but they just didn’t make any sense. Could someone please explain to me what Genuwine is doing to that poor little horse of his?

Another song I LOVED as a kid is Tori Amos‘ Professional Widow..but what is her daddy selling babies for? actually…the whole song was confusing…what needs to be big? I get a little uncomfortable thinking ’bout all the times I was loudly singing (and moaning) along with this song in front of my parents.

And please Brandy, Monica tell me…who’s boy is it now?

What might have been the most confusing song of all is Barbie Girl by Aqua…especially the video: Barbie is a brunette?

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Face & Food: new in

I promised myself not to buy any make-up, clothes or books this month. I want to save some money to decorate my new place. Well it’s the ninth of the month and I’ve already failed…not in a bad way though…I bought some good bargains, that way I got to satisfy my need to buy stuff without breaking the bank  (and or feeling too guilty).

So here’s what I bought:


In my last post I mentioned I wanted to buy the Gordon Ramsay Fastfood book…well I still want that one but since this one was on sale (normally 20 €, now 8€) I decided to just buy this one for now.  I told myself it would be okay to buy a cookbook since it will look nice in my new kitchen and therefor can be seen as decorational…I realise it’s cheating because every book with an okay cover can be seen as decorational….but hey…8€ for a Gordon Ramsay book… who wouldn’t buy it?

After buying this book I went to the Rituals store…why? No idea…I told mysef not to buy any beauty products, so no idea why I had to enter  this store.  I gazed at the candles for 15 minutes…wanted to buy a new candle (a limited edition one)…told myself spending 17€ on a candle wasn’t a good idea…walked away from the candles…went back to the candles and convinced myself the candle would be perfect for my new home…grabbed the candle…realised I would never be able to save it for my new home… put it back, headed over to the bath products…told myself it would be okay to buy a bath oil, since my current place doesn’t have a bath and therefor I wouldn’t be able to use it untill I move into my new place and therefor it would be a good investement for my new place….uh what??…realised I was fooling myself …took one last glance at the bath oils and headed out the door.

After all this I went home, did a bit of pinning..stumbled upon a Tom Ford beauty add which made me remember how much I wanted to buy one of their eyeshadows Pale Barley or Rosewood.  I started googling Pale Barley, ended up on , a beautifull and very helpfull make-up blog, where I found out about this Catrice eyeshadow that looks just like Pale Barley. Now you should know Pale Barley costs 25€ (at least), a Catrice eyeshadow costs 2€..So I decided I had to go find that eyeshadow…which I did. The reason why I decided to go for the Catrice one is not only because I promised myself not to spend money on make up but also because I like to try out cheaper dupes of products that I want to buy first. That way I can see whether I really like the color, wheter I use it a lot and if so I know the more expensive product will be worth the money. So I’ll be testing out the Catrice eyeshadow for a while and if I realy like it I’ll buy Pale Barley,


On the above mentioned blog I also saw some reviews of the Essence cream eyeshadows (3 or 4€) so I decided to pick up the shade Copy Right.

So after all I’m still quite pleased with myself, I managed not to buy a 17€ candle (the price of Rituals candles have gone up by the way, I think they were only between 13€ and 15€), not to buy a 15€ (or something) bath oil and I haven’t bought any clothes, shoes, bags or accesories this month. I did buy 5 dvd’s because there was a 5 for 5€ promo so untill now I’ve spend 8€ + 2€ + 4€ +5€ = 19€ on stuff I don’t really need…which is pretty okay if you ask me. I think by the end of this week or the beginning of next week my Deauty Box will be arriving so that will probably keep me satisfied until the 22nd of october, since the 24th is payday that means I might be able not to spend anymore money this month. I am planning on doing the same thing the next couple of months though. My shopping addiction will however be satisfied, I have to buy kitchen supplies and stuff. This month I bought a Krups blender and a Rowenta Air Force vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner in the showroom was a steel-grey color. However when I got home I noticed mine was purple…plus when you use it there’s this blue light that goes on, which makes me feel like I’m in some sort of disco… Nice! (still not a fan of the purple though). Anyways…I’ll keep you updated on the whole ‘not spending money on stuff I don’t need’ thing and on the ‘I bought things for my new home’ thing.


And last but not least:


Kind regards,



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Philosophy: what’s cookin’?




* none of these pictures are my own



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Philosophy: earing this month

The new Frank Ocean album has been out for a couple of weeks now. I love Frank Ocean and therefor was very ecited about this. The album isn’t awesome…some tracks are brilliant, others are just ‘meh’ Overal the album is nice to listen to, the good tracks make up for the mediocre ones!

My absolute favorite is thinking bout you…pyramids is in my opinion the seconds best track on this album

Besides from the new Frank Ocean I haven’t been listening too a lot of new stuff…I just haven’t found the time for it, so instead I recandled some old flames:

(this song has been stuck in my head for days now)

there’s just something about Stevie Nicks’ voice that brings me to tears and makes me smile at the same time…I know it sounds weird but when a voice brings me to tears it a good thing!

And whenever I think about or listen to Stevie Nicks I somehow have to think about Florence (florence & the machine). A Florence song I’ve been playing over and over again this month is her Drake cover: Take Care. I absolutly love this cover… it’s two of my favorite things in one: Florence Welch and Drake.. what more could one ask for?

Kind regards,

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Food: gluten free and approved by me – part 2: cookbooks

I love a good cookbook and by that I mean a cookbook that is nicely written, has a beautiful layout, gorgeous pictures and do-able recipes. A good gluten free cookbook is hard to come by, a lot of the gluten free books are plain, boring and ugly…There are however some true gems out there:

When it comes to layout and pictures this book is right up there with the nigella lawson, jamie oliver, gordon ramsay,…style cookbooks: just beautifull! When it comes to the writing  it’s very informative, easy to read and personal when it comes to the recipes it’s all you need to make a decent everyday meal. A lot of people love it, a lot of people hate it. Those who hate it mostly hate it because of two reasons:

1) Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a celebrity and celebrity writers tend to get a lot of hate

2) There’s a chapter where she talks about how a gluten free diet will keep you slim. Now first of all there are some gluten free people out there who are overweight and for some people changing to a gluten free diet will make them gain weight.  When starting a gluten free diet your bowel system will finally start working decently, for some people this means they will absorb a lot more nutrients than they’re used to which might cause a weight increase. Personally I lost weight when starting my gluten free diet, the first month I lost about 5 kilo after a couple of weeks I started to gain a little again but overall I think I lost 3 kilo. The second reason why a lot of people are upset about Elisabeth telling people a gluten free diet will keep you slim is because for some people it might come across as if she’s talking about a new wonder diet to make you lose weight. A gluten free diet however isn’t some new hype, it’s not some crazy ‘lets lose a lot of weight’ kind of diet. For a lot of people it’s a necessary way of live, people could get seriously ill when not following this diet. So a lot of people will worry that a bookchapter dedicated to talking about how this diet will make you stay slim might cause people to not take it seriously. You don’t hear people talking about how a diabetic’s diet will make you lose weight, do you? Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is not something to be taken lightly, the symptoms are very severe. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease can cause serious physical and mental problems: bowel problems, headaches, rashes, depression, symptoms of add/adhd, problems with your nervous system and so on.  A gluten/diary and sugar free diet has also proven to battle symptoms of multiple scleroses and autism. So I see why people would feel a little offended when reading this chapter but I do feel that Elisabeth means well. She herself suffers from celiac disease and knows how serious this disease is. I honestly think she writes about the benefits for your weight because she want’s to encourage more people to try the diet and see what it does for them. A lot of people have a slight to heavy intolerance for gluten and don’t even know it. By encouraging them to try the diet she might make a lot of people realise (after trying it for a few weeks) that their health issues are starting to dissapear. So I personally think her book is a great, even though I can relate to the critics as well.


Elena Amsterdam‘s book is a very unique book because all her recipes use almond flour and most of these recipes are very simple, easy and fast to make. I love this book because you don’t need a lot of time and skill to pull these recipes off. For most gluten free bake recipes out there you need a lot of ingredients: buckwheatflower, cornflower, baking soda, riceflower,…Especially for a beginner this is very overwhelming and I understand how a lot of people would give it up before trying. Elena’s recipes however are very simple and easy. Some people don’t like it (mostly people who love to bake and often people who aren’t gluten intolerant). If you’re a true baker and you love to spend your sundays in the kitchen these recipes might feel too easy, too quick and too simple and you might think ‘if she would’ve added this and done that’ it might taste better. And that might be true but if you are a celiac or gluten intolerant and you have to make gluten free dishes and snacks every single day (not just on sundays) you don’t want to spend 3 hours every day slaving in your kitchen, you want something: good, quick, simple and easy. So I absolutly hate it when people moan about this book being too simple and the baking techniques being too average. This book is obviously geared towards everyday people who have to live on a gluten free diet. For those people this book is a lifesaver, if you’re a baker you should choose a book that’s geared towards advanced bakers and stop moaning!

I would also recommend everyone to visit Elena Amsterdam’s wonderful blog :

two other books I wanted to mentioned (but I won’t go into detail about them)

For more info on this book and on the Paleo diet (that goes even a step further than the gluten free diet) check the website:


An awesome book for children (and adults) who live gluten free!

for more info visit


Kind regards,




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Food – Gluten free and approved by me – part 1: bread

About six months ago I found out I have a gluten intolerance. Ever since I’ve been on the look out for gluten free and tasteful stuff. In these posts I’d like to share some good glutenfree product with you. Keep in mind that I live in Belgium, so if you live elsewhere I’m not sure whether you’ll find these products in your country.


It’s not always easy, most gluten-free bread doesn’t taste anything like bread and is just plain disgusting in my opinion. Not to mention the price of gluten free stuff ( it’s outrageous). I’ve always loved bread…bread was my ‘thing’ (you’ll find that a lot of food items are my ‘thing’ but hey… love food) so going without it has been hard. Lets just say a lot of tears were shed over not being able to eat bread…. but after a while you get used to it and whenever I really crave some bread I go for one of the following:

- a meal at lombardia (, this little restaurant in Antwerp has it all : vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, vegan. I always go for the gluten free tuna sandwich, the tuna is accompanied by some sort of mayonaise which doesn’t contain lactose and tastes great (better than mayonaise). I’ve never really tried their other meals just because the tuna sandwich is to die for!!

- a glutenfree baguette from Carrefour (the house brand): I’ve tried a lot of glutenfree baguettes and was always dissapointed. I was almost about to give up when I found out Carrefour has their own little line of glutenfree products and let me just tell you….those products are very nice! When I first tried them I didn’t expect much, very expensive gluten free brands don’t even seem to manage to make a nice glutenfree baguette, the Carrefour house brand is cheaper than the rest of them so why would their baguettes be any good? Well I don’t know why but they are. Now don’t think it will taste just the same as a real baguette, it doesn’t…but it’s good

Now I know it’s not much but hey… it’s something and if you’re a celiac or gluten intolerant you’ll probably find that it’s easier just not to eat certain stuff than to find a gluten free alternative for them. It’s way too hard and way too expensive to eat gluten free alternatives all day every day.


Kindest regards,